The Decisions that Affect Your Life

Our services are all about helping you make informed decisions in the areas of financial planning that are important to the quality of your life.  Each of the questions shown below represents an issue that we have worked on and successfully solved with our clients. There are many others. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your own situation.
Investment Planning.  Many people come to us with questions about investments.  Common questions include:
  • How can I reduce losses during a down market?
  • Am I putting my retirement savings in the right place?
  • Which mutual funds should I be using in my 401(k)?
  • How should I save for my child’s college education?
Retirement Planning. Thoughts eventually turn toward retirement and what life may be like when full-time work is no longer necessary (or possible):
  • Will I have enough saved to retire at … 62?
  • Can I “retire” at 59 if I work part-time from 59 to 64?
  • What should I do with my 401(k) after I leave the job?
  • At what age should I start taking Social Security?

Distribution Planning. For most people, periodic withdrawals from savings will be required to fully cover living expenses during retirement.  This leads to questions such as:

  • Which of my account(s) should be tapped first?
  • How much can I safely withdraw and still be OK financially?
  • How do I calculate IRA required minimum distributions?
  • What’s the best way to pay income taxes in retirement?

Tax Planning. While we do not prepare tax returns, there are a number of areas where planning can help minimize the tax burden.  Related questions include:

  • Why are my current investments generating so much tax?
  • Which is best for me, taxable bonds or municipal bonds?
  • How can I diversify when I have such large built-in capital gains?
  • Can I continue to defer taxes on an inherited IRA?

Insurance Planning. The most significant opportunities for insurance planning are in the areas of life insurance and long-term care insurance:

  • Will my family be OK if I were to die tomorrow?
  • Is the insurance I have through my work good enough?
  • Am I paying too much for life insurance coverage?
  • Do I need (and can I afford) long-term care insurance?

Estate Planning. While we do not prepare wills or other legal documents, there are a number of ways we can work with an estate-planning attorney to help with the efficient transfer of assets to your heirs.  Related questions include:

  • Can you refer me to a good estate planning attorney?
  • How much can I gift to my children without incurring tax?
  • Does my will or other estate plan need to be updated?
  • Do I have to name IRA beneficiaries when I have a will?