Trust.  We promise to serve as your fiduciary – treating your money with the same care and prudence that we would treat our own. We will only make recommendations that we believe are best for you even if it means less revenue for our firm.

Independence.  We promise to have no allegiance to any company, product, or service, beyond our belief in its ability to help you reach your goals.

Personalized services.  We promise to get to know you, your personal goals, your struggles and challenges around money, and to tailor our recommendations so they can help you create an abundant and free financial life.

Privacy.  We promise to treat all of your information in strict confidence

Respect.  We promise to treat you with respect, professionalism and honesty, and to maintain a nonjudgmental attitude toward the goals and information you present to us.

Availability.  We promise to be available to you during business hours, by phone or in person. In addition, we will use email and voicemail where feasable during business trips to maintain support and keep in touch.

Honesty.  We promise to deliver constructive advice even if it may create some discomfort in the short-term. The people we work with prefer us to be straightforward whenever we encounter what seem to be unrealistic expectations, or a pattern of living beyond one’s means, or a disconnect between stated goals and financial or purchase decisions.

Openness.  We promise to freely share with you the financial wisdom we have acquired over the years as the opportunity arises.